From GPS Guidance equipment to Precision Spraying Systems 

Precision Agriculture is the process of finding accurate technical solutions for everyday farming problems. Perhaps you need to assess this year’s crop to make well-informed decisions for next year or you need to maximise your time instead while sitting on a tractor. Precision Agriculture can do this.

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Take a look at our Precision Agriculture Hardware product range: 

Trimble Auto Steering and Guidance

Find the ideal Steering and Guidance system for your farm with Trimble’s collection of displays. With industry-leading performance and reliability, you can now accurately monitor and map field information in real-time with Trimble’s leading technology. 
Available in auto, assisted, guidance or even implement steering, Trimble technology can free up time for other important tasks while accurately keeping your farming vehicle on its designated path. 

Check out this video to learn more about the benefits of Steering and Guidance.

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Implement Steering & Guidance

Keep your farming equipment on track with an active implement guidance system to guide itself independently from your tractor. Implement steering is designed to compensate for drift by maintaining a consistent track regardless of soil type or changes in terrain. 
Whether you’re inter-row seeding to boost crop performance or improving seedbed and nutrient placement, Implement Steering and Guidance can vastly transform the way you farm. 

Flow & Application Control

ISOBUS Controllers 

ISOBUS is the industry-standard communication protocol for ag equipment manufacturers that allow computers, vehicles and implements to “talk” to each other while making “plug and play” possible regardless of the brand. 
Obtain greater control through greater compatibility between your implements and the display while creating a uniform compatibility between your products with ISOBUS Controllers. 

Click the video to learn more about ISOBUS and its benefits.
ISOBUS Weather Station

Trimble’s ISOBUS Weather Station offers clever, real-time updates to weather conditions directly to farmers through an easy-to-use ISO Universal Terminal (UT) interface. 
Its ability to monitor and measure wind speed and direction changes means the ISOBUS Weather Station can create alerts for certain conditions if current farming processes need to be paused or abandoned due to weather concerns. This field-specific weather information can be delivered in-cab and maximise productivity and minimise wastage of valuable chemicals and water resources.

Field-IQ Rate Control

Efficiently manage your pest and nutrient operations through Trimble’s Field-IQ crop input control systems. Field-IQ is designed to work with a range of Trimble displays to monitor and apply a range of fertilisers, seeds and pest controls. It works smarter to remember mapping records to reduce any overlap while avoiding double coverage, controlling spinner speeds, overseeing delivery lines and alerting you to planter problems before they become costly. 

Learn more about Trimble’s Field-IQ ISOBUS Control Solutions for compatible application control by watching this video.

Trimble’s GreenSeeker® crop-sensing system uses optical sensors to accurately and effectively manage crop inputs on-the-go. 
Address field variability by applying the right quantity, placement and timing of fertiliser while creating a high-yielding environment for your crop to thrive in.

By reducing the nutrient costs you eliminate excess application as well as the need for application maps or agronomist recommendations. 
Suitable in all conditions, the GreenSeeker® system is compatible with the TMX-2050 display and works with most variable rate controllers and delivery systems and is mountable on booms on most sprayers/spreaders. 

GreenSeeker® Handheld Crop Sensor

Trimble’s GreenSeeker Handheld crop sensor provides instant readings of your crop health in an easy-to-use and affordable way. 

The GreenSeeker Handheld crop sensor provides efficient readings for the optimal amount of fertiliser needed for your crops, helping you make non-subjective and better nutrient decisions that benefit your bottom line and the environment.

Record and save your data for future analysis via Bluetooth connectivity. The GreenSeeker Handheld crop sensor works with your mobile device via the GreenSeeker Logger apps and provides you with access to your crop health readings instantly.

Spraying Control

WeedSeeker 2

Trimble’s most effective weed control solution, the WeedSeeker2® spot spray system senses if a weed is present and signals a spray nozzle to precisely administer an exact amount of chemical on the weed alone. This system proves most effective in areas where weeds occur intermittently. 

The benefits of the WeedSeeker2® spot spray system are:

  • Saves money in overall weed control costs
  • Reduces chemical costs and usage by applying precisely and in low amounts
  • Reduces the environmental impact, time spent and labour of field activities 
  • Works both day or night at speeds up to 16 km/hr 
Click the video here to learn more.

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MagrowTec (formerly MagGrow) optimises the droplet sizes of pesticide application, by accurately determining spray droplet formation, droplet dynamics, and droplet adhesion, reducing drift and run-off by ensuring that the right amount of pesticide is applied.

Farmers who have switched to MagrowTec are seeing ROI in less than a year just on chemical savings alone. But profitability isn’t MagrowTec’s only benefit.

  • Increases coverage by 20%
  • Reduces drift by 70%
  • Reduces environmental contamination and water wastage
  • Improves profitability and productivity

Learn how you can do more with less when you switch to a MagrowTec system Learn More

Yield Monitoring

Sugarcane Yield Monitoring System 

Farmers can map and compare the performance of the crop throughout their field. Understanding the performance of your crop across the field is the basis of precision agriculture. Vantage BMS have internally developed an industry leading Sugarcane Yield Monitoring System to enable farmers to understand their yield variability. 

Using various sensors mounted on the cane harvester, Vantage BMS's Sugarcane Yield Monitoring System works in conjunction with the Trimble TMX-2050™️ to display real-time yield when harvesting. 

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