Vantage's Landforming Solutions

Effectively manage ponding and erosion

Minimise top soil disturbance

Reduce earthworks costs - save up to 80%!



Reduce Erosion & Open More Farmable Hectares

Planar laser levelling is a well used and understood way to level fields for irrigation. But how do you manage ponding and inconsistent drainage on dry land and pivot irrigation land effectively and economically?

For 40 years Vantage BMS has been a leader in water management and we are proud to offer the industry’s leading end-to-end land forming solution for effective water management using industry-leading technology.

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Our Field Level II system and accompanying OptiSurface land forming software allow you to optimise your field surfaces and improve your bottom line. Here’s how it works.

1. Survey


Using the Trimble TMX02050 display and the Vertical Point RTK correction service for sub 25mm vertical accuracy, precisely map your fields; create boundaries, interior points, and surfaces with ease; and calculate and report on the true acreage of your survey area for optimal field coverage and accurate surface designs.

2. Design


Loading your accurate topographical survey into our land forming software, our experienced designers will produce a number of landform optimisation options giving you the ability to choose a design that balances your drainage requirements and budgets.

Landform design for improved drainage and erosion control is about getting the optimal drainage design for the minimal amount of earthworks. When compared to planar laser levelling, our service can save up to 80% on earthworks costs, because the aim is not to totally level the surface, but to optimise.

Because most crop yield losses are due to too much water, we aim to optimise the water across the field. This also allows farmers to get on the field and plant earlier due to minimal or no boggy patches. Better retention of topsoil slows down the water flow where necessary or drains that erode less are included into the landform design.


3. Earthworks



Once you select your preferred design, a control file is uploaded to the Field Level II system installed on your grading equipment. As you move across the field the system will automatically control the hydraulic valves on any type of bucket or scraper for accurate land forming.

Vantage BMS provides our landforming system for purchase and hire, or ask us about an approved contractor.


Vantage BMS Offers A Complete Solution Including Scrapers

Vantage BMS have a range of scrapers and blades for all your landforming applications. We manufacture and sell the BMS, O’Bryan and Horwood Bagshaw range of scrapers.
We have specifically designed the BMS EZ Blade 4000 for farmers undertaking landforming applications. Rugged yet light enough to be pulled by your normal front wheel assist tractor the EZ Blade allows you to undertake the landforming yourself.

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