Transform your real-time data into profitable decisions

Ensure you are giving your farm the best chance of turning a profit with the latest software technology from Trimble®.

With the addition of Trimble’s ag software on your property, you can easily identify the bottlenecks of your farming operations to quickly find long-lasting solutions. 

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  • Simplifies a range of farming processes 
  • Plans your crops 
  • Tracks what happens in the field
  • Maintains a reliable record of the entire crop year
  • Understands your profitability by the field
  • Increases insight into costs
  • Improves yield opportunities
  • Lowers operational costs


  • Mobile-friendly design - Apple iOS and Android compatible 
  • Ongoing guided support 
  • Yield Monitoring capabilities 
  • Their innovative platforms provide end-to-end solutions, including Connected Farm 
  • Include specific features geared towards farmers, ag retailers, food processors and crop advisors 

Take a look at our available Software:

AutoSync™ Capabilities

Designed to work automatically in the background, Trimble’s AutoSync feature automatically syncs vital farm data for everyone in your operation to access.

AutoSync has the ability to automatically sync guidance lines, field names, boundaries, materials, implements, vehicles, and operator information across all connected devices in your farm operation, including Trimble TMX-2050 and GFX-750 displays, as well as computer and mobile-accessible Trimble Ag Software for increased efficiency and productivity.

Crop Planning

Plan for the year ahead with Trimble’s Crop Planning software. Choose to section by Field and Zone, input purchase lists, creating budgets, fertility planning and precision prescriptions with strategic planning tools. Give your crop the best possible chance with all your important information in one central location.

Check out this video for more information on Trimble's Ag Software Crop Rotation Planning Tool. 

Precision Ag Mapping and Tools

Consolidate multiple layers of information into one Precision Ag Mapping tool to minimise time spent comparing various results across different precision farming maps. Import vital information from yield and soil tests, while creating custom maps to assist with the application of seed and fertiliser. 

Work Orders

The Work Orders’ mobile-friendly feature allows farm managers to accurately and easily assign and manage field work and track progress. Adjustments to jobs can be made easily to improve efficiency across the farm while giving full access to daily assigned tasks via a smartphone to save time and increase productivity. 

Profit Mapping

Trimble software has the ability to accurately track and compare your true expenses to your planned budget, financial statements and more. Transform your data and yield maps into Profit Maps which will outline your annual financial results field by field. Easily identify problem areas and make adjustments to maximise your savings year on year with Trimble’s innovative Software. 

Farm Data Compatibility

Trimble Ag Software maximises compatibility between all your farming equipment and other third-party farm management software platforms. Streamline your workflows to easily allow data flow between software platforms.

These third-party data capability platforms include Raven Slingshot® system, AGCO VarioDoc and AgCommand® systems, John Deere Operations Center, Case IH Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) ConnectTM, New Holland Precision Land Management (PLM) Connect and more.

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