State-of-the-art irrigation and drainage solutions by Trimble

Water is an extremely valuable resource for any farmer and to ensure we are all using it efficiently and minimise our water costs, Trimble® offers a wide range of Water Management solutions. From automatic irrigation leveling systems to innovative drainage technology, we have a range of Water Management solutions to improve your farming processes.

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Check out our Water Management solutions below:

Levelling Solutions

Irrigation and drainage can become costly to manage if proper levelling isn’t carried out. Vantage employs a range of levelling solutions, which have been developed with collaboration from real farmers, advisors and contractors. 
Vantage offers both Laser- and GPS-based levelling solutions from Trimble and Spectra Precision® with varying levels of functionality and price. Vantage also has control systems, which work with scrapers on more intense excavation work with proven accuracy and consistency. 

VerticalPoint RTK

VerticalPoint RTK provides significantly enhanced vertical accuracy and stability over standard single-baseline RTK systems reducing the downtime and costly delays experienced by many agriculture land improvement contractors today. 
Results in increased uptime, higher accuracy results and lower costs. 

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Drainage Solutions

Trimble has created a drainage solution that streamlines the survey, analysis, design, installation, and mapping steps of surface and subsurface drainage. 
The WM-Drain® solution means you can carry out all your drainage operations with one on-the-go system to improve crop yields up to 30% and operating efficiency up to 20%, when compared to laser equipment. 

With the WM-Drain® solution you can ensure a better developed root zone for optimal nutrient absorption, minimise soil erosion, field compaction and stress on the plant by removing excess water from the field to maximise planting seasons. 


Vantage BMS has every aspect of Water Management covered. Choose a tractor-drawn scraper from the Horwood Bagshaw Scraper Grader, the O’Bryan Ejector or the BMS LaserScraper range. Our custom engineering shop can also provide a custom heavy duty drawbar, a Cushion Hitch, a Ball Assembly or a Laser trailer. 

Our broad range means that regardless if you are a farmer or contractor levelling for flood irrigation or removing ponding from your dryland fields, we have a scraper or blade to suit.

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Survey & Design

As part of our ability to offer total water management solutions we provide Field Survey and computerised landform design services, using leading software tools, such as Multiplane and OptiSurface.

OptiSurface Software

OptiSurface Designer is another useful agricultural solution - the world’s most powerful analysis and design software for agricultural landforming. It assesses the optimised field topography required to satisfy water management goals. Improve drainage, infiltration uniformity and save money by starting your planning process with this revolutionary technology. 

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