Map, track, compare and act on your farm data with Vantage’s Data Analysis services 

Data analysis is an integral part of determining what solutions you need to reduce costs, time, labour and product wastage, as well as improving efficiency across all your processes. 

View our Data Analysis services below:

Yield Data Processing

Vantage’s Yield Data Processing includes cleaning and calibrating the data to produce high quality yield maps. The deliverables also include a yield shape file, providing farmers and contractors with a fully geo-referenced electronic yield map for immediate use. 

Agricultural Landform Design

If you’re a farmer or contractor struggling to identify the ideal levelling solution for your land, our experienced designers offer several software packages designed to deliver the ultimate solution satisfying all relevant design criteria. This software is suitable for both Laser- and GPS-based solutions and solves a variety of issues, including Border Check Irrigation, Surface Drainage, Bankless Channel Irrigation and more. 

Prescription Generation

Prescription Generation works by producing prescriptions to apply inputs using Variable Rate Application technology. This ensures the correct dose of the input is accurately delivered to every square metre of the field using Field IQ application technology by Trimble. The Variable Rate Application method maximises input effectiveness while minimising usage, resulting in an increased yield and reduction in the cost of production. 

Aerial Imagery

Obtain a variety of different topographical images with Vantage’s Aerial Imagery Data Analysis service. We can assist farmers and contractors with a variety of maps and data sets - from 3D topographic surface and contour maps to NDVI crop images. 

Soil Information and Remediation Analysis

With the ability to map, measure and report on a range of values, Soil Information and Remediation Analysis is a highly advanced mapping technique for farmers and contractors. Whether you want to identify drainage potential, high/low pH levels, pinpoint low calcium levels in your soil or subsurface compaction - we have the technology to identify where the issues are, we’ll work with your agronomist or trusted advisor to develop an action plan. 

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