Providing Ayr Farmers with Agriculture Solutions and Support since 1979

We think of ourselves as trusted technology advisors who aim to simplify precision agriculture and technological investments for farmers and contractors.

At Vantage BMS, we pride ourselves on being trusted technology advisors who simplify technology for farmers, contractors and construction personnel across North Queensland. 

With a complete portfolio of Trimble’s solutions at our disposal, we offer tailored solutions, which increase accuracy and productivity across all areas of farming and construction. We provide end-to-end solutions using Software, Hardware and Specialty Services.

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Vantage BMS customers return with the confidence that we can provide cutting edge Trimble® and Spectra Precision® products, ongoing training, superior customer service and Trimble’s highest level of accredited local advice. Our integrated solutions aim to eliminate complications across various farm processes while allowing customers to make well-informed, data-driven decisions. 

Access the latest information on Trimble products and learn more about how our services and support can grow businesses by reaching out to local experts. Talk to a Local Expert Call 1300 TRIMBLE


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In this month’s Letter From Lew, I explore the timeline of Vantage BMS and how we came to be Australia's largest Trimble Precision Agriculture…

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