Use up to 90% less chemicals when weeding with Trimble's advanced spot spray system

WeedSeeker® 2 is the next generation spot spray system from Trimble Agriculture.

Trimble’s most effective weed control solution, the WeedSeeker® 2 has been designed with 25 years of weed killing experience to deliver all‑around superior performance than traditional weed control methods.

Using advanced optics and processing power, the WeedSeeker® 2 system detects and applies herbicide to weeds. When a weed passes underneath the sensor, it signals a spray nozzle to precisely deliver an exact amount of herbicide to kill the weed. With the WeedSeeker® 2 precision spot spray system, you can reduce the amount of chemicals applied by up to 90%.

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ISOBUS Compatible

New display not required - use any ISOBUS compatible display you currently own to monitor and control your WeedSeeker® 2 system. Our simple and intuitive interface allows for people of any skill level to track herbicide use and log coverage maps.

Expanded Coverage in a Lightweight Sensor

Even the largest booms can now be outfitted with the WeedSeeker® 2 spot spray system without bracing or retrofits, the limitations of previous systems. The lightweight sensor has an expanded coverage area matching the industry standard 20 inch spacing of spray nozzles.

System Configurability

The flexibility of the WeedSeeker® 2 system allows you to customise your installation and in-field operation to maximise results for the unique needs of your farm.

Whether that’s mounting sensors at a wide range of operating heights and offset distances, or the option to change visual sensitivity and overlap times, the WeedSeeker® 2 makes saving money easy.

Weed Mapping

Knowing where weeds concentrate in your fields gives you the power to better attack them year over year. The WeedSeeker® 2 system now logs every weed sprayed, so you can see in real time where your problem areas are, and review detailed maps from your records before your next spray.

Turn Compensation and Section Control

Our intelligent sensors now know your boom speed and their position on your boom. That means they now won’t spray sections that have already been covered, and will automatically adjust their spray timing when making a turn.

Intelligent Sensor

Save time in the field by eliminating system recalibration. After a quick calibration upon powering on, WeedSeeker® 2 intelligent sensors automatically adjust on the run to changing temperature, ambient light, and backgrounds like soil or stubble, ensuring sensor accuracy in all conditions.

This system proves most effective in areas where weeds occur intermittently or in tandem with an initial blanket chemical spray.

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Find out how you can use up to 90% less chemicals with Trimble’s most effective weed control solution, WeedSeeker® 2

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