Increase coverage by up to


Reduce drift by up to


Reduce chemical costs by


What is MagrowTec?

Optimise spray droplet application size to reduce spray wastage, minimise drift and run-off, and ensure the right amount of pesticide is applied with MagrowTec.

MagrowTec uses permanent rare earth magnets to expose pesticide fluid to static non-uniform magnetic fields under appropriate flow conditions, impacting the droplets' physical properties to optimise spray droplet formation, droplet dynamics, and droplet adhesion.

Essentially, MagrowTec enables growers to use smaller droplets while minimising drift, boosting yield productivity and ROI, and reducing input wastage.

Increase Profitability

By reducing water rates, labour and energy costs, chemical inputs, and spray frequency (due to better coverage).

Better Compliance

With less drift, better operator health & safety, and support for integrated pest management plans.

Improve Productivity

With less tank refills required, improved yield, better disease control, and easy installation, operatation and maintenance due to no moving parts. MagrowTec can also operate in higher wind conditions than most conventional sprayers, increasing your spray window.

Better Environment Impact

Winner of the 2021 THRIVE | Bayer Sustainability Challenge "Sustainable Scaleup Award", MagrowTec is committed to supporting more sustainable food production, reducing environmental contamination and improving water management.

Simple to install on any sprayer

Trial Success

Avondale Ag, Dryland Cotton, Queensland

A 2023 UV trial at “Yarrawa” compared the MagrowTec system, installed by Vantage BMS, to a conventional sprayer on a 36m Case IH 4430s to show MagrowTec's effectiveness in improving spray performance in skip-row dryland cotton.

“In the UV study, it stood out that what we thought was a good job was definitely improved by 50% from a visible perspective.

"We feel that, with MagrowTec, we cut an entire spray out of the picture and were able still to do as good of a job in only two sprays instead.”

- David Jackson, Farm Manager

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Customer Story

Kennedy Spraying Services, South Australia

Andrew Kennedy, a spraying contracting in Mt Gambier, South Australia, has been highly impressed by MagrowTec's spraying system for his business, Kennedy Spraying Services.

Using MagrowTec, Kennedy Spraying Services has achieved better coverage, drift reduction, and reduced water rates—saving time and boosting profits.

See Andrew's success with MagrowTec for his business:

Andrew's Story

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