Increase Coverage by up to 20% and Reduce Drift by 70%

MagrowTec (formerly MagGrow) is a patented, proprietary technology that significantly reduces the waste associated with conventional pesticide applications, delivering important plant protection products where they matter the most.

Using state-of-the-art technology, MagrowTec optimises the droplet sizes of pesticide application, reducing drift and run-off by ensuring that the right amount of pesticide is applied. By accurately determining spray droplet formation, droplet dynamics, and droplet adhesion, MagrowTec improves yield productivity and ROI, and reduces wastage of water and chemical inputs.

Easy to install, operate and maintain due to no moving parts, MagrowTec can also operate in higher wind conditions than most conventional sprayers.

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Farmers who have switched to MagrowTec are seeing a ROI in less than a year just on chemical savings alone. But profitability isn’t MagrowTec’s only benefit.

Keep reading to learn how you can do more with less when you switch to a MagrowTec system: 

Increases Profitability

  • Reduces water rates
  • Reduces labour and energy costs
  • Reduces inputs (Chemical Savings)
  • Reduces frequency of spray due to better coverage

Better For The Environment

  • Reduces environmental contamination
  • Improves water management

Improves Productivity

  • Less tank refills
  • Increases spray windows
  • Increases disease control
  • Increases yield

Better Compliance

  • Less drift
  • Better operator health & safety
  • Supports integrated pest management plans
  • Supports environmental legislation

Learn More About MagrowTec's Mission Below

Thrive | Bayer Sustainability Award Winner

MagrowTec won the 2021 THRIVE | Bayer Sustainability Challenge "Sustainable Scaleup Award" for its commitment to supporting more sustainable food production.

With better compliance that supports environmental legislation, reduced environmental contamination, and better water management, MagrowTec is committed to creating lasting and sustainable solutions that support farmers, while also positively impacting the environment. 

Customer Story

Andrew Kennedy, South Australia

Andrew Kennedy, a spraying contracting in Mt Gambier, South Australia, has been highly impressed by MagrowTec's spraying system for his business, Kennedy Spraying Services.

Using MagrowTec, Kennedy Spraying Services has achieved better coverage, drift reduction, and reduced water rates — saving time and boosting profits.

Watch the video to hear Andrew's thoughts on how MagrowTec has benefitted his business. 

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Learn more about MagrowTec by reaching out to your local Vantage representative.

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