Customer Story - September 2023

QLD Cotton Farmer Improves Spray Efficacy & Coverage With MagrowTec

David Jackson has been managing Avondale Ag’s “Yarrawa” broadacre dryland farm in Mungindi since 2019.

Working in agriculture all his life and coming over from the UK in 2005, David is no stranger to the importance of continuously improving farming practices.

After seeing the MagrowTec spray system on social media and at the 2022 Australian Cotton Conference, David engaged the team to try out the system on his farm.

“I was interested in the simplicity of the system and the fact that it can be transferred to other machines,” says David. “It was important to us that it worked across our entire fleet”.

A better way to spray, the MagrowTec spray system uses permanent rare earth magnets to expose pesticide fluid to static non-uniform magnetic fields, impacting the droplets' physical properties to optimise spray droplet formation, droplet dynamics, and droplet adhesion.

MagrowTec enables growers to use smaller droplets while minimising drift, boosting yield productivity and ROI, and reducing input wastage.

“We’re always striving to get better jobs on chemical usage and eliminating drift issues since that is a major concern,” David continues.

“It’s all about trying to better our environmental and cost savings—whether that’s through better spray efficacy or reduction, while still getting the same result.”

To trial the system, a study was conducted at “Yarrawa” to demonstrate the effectiveness of a MagrowTec system versus a conventional sprayer in improving spray performance in skip-row dryland cotton.

The Vantage BMS team fitted the MagrowTec system to spray contractor Marchand Contracting Services’ boom. 

Spray coverage and distribution quality were analysed via a night-time field trial method using an indicative qualitative UV tracer.

“I wasn’t disappointed with the spray job we were doing already,” explains David, “but, with the MagrowTec system, we definitely saw a more uniform application pattern throughout the whole canopy from top to bottom.

“In the UV study, it stood out that what we thought was a good job was definitely improved by 50% from a visible perspective.

We feel that, with MagrowTec, we cut an entire spray out of the picture and were able still to do as good of a job in only two sprays instead.” 

As MagrowTec’s James Turtle highlights, “they [David and Marchand Contracting Services] weren’t unhappy with the conventional sprayer results, but they were absolutely blown away with the results they saw with MagrowTec.

“Given it’s all about spray application right to the base of the plant,” James continues, “we were able to see better lower canopy coverage and penetration using MagrowTec system. 

“They also saw better performance using 30% less water than they did using the traditional system.

“It’s all about how MagrowTec can add to what you think is already a really good job,” James concludes. “You don't know what you're missing until you try something different.”

Since the trial in May 2023, both Marchand Contracting Services and “Yarrawa” have purchased a MagrowTec system for their operation. 

Whilst David's system is currently fitted on a Case IH Patriot® sprayer, the system can easily be transferred to any sprayer machine if required.

“The install was simple,” says David. “Within half a day it was installed.

“We fitted the system around January and are still trialling it. We’re currently looking at using MagrowTec for chickpea fungicide and insecticide application.” 

With no moving parts on the system, MagrowTec is easy to install, operate and maintain.

“Regardless of what you’re doing,” says MagrowTec’s James Turtle, “whether it’s cotton defoliation or pesticide application, it’s all about getting complete coverage in both the upper and lower canopy, the first time. With MagrowTec, we can - and are - achieving that using substantially less water.”

Research has proven that the MagrowTec system can increase coverage by up to 20%, reduce drift by up to 70%, and reduce chemical costs by ~25%.

For Farm Manager, David, the results have been a welcome surprise.

“We always strive to improve systems and efficiency,” says David. 

“I would definitely recommend that others look into MagrowTec.

Spraying is always in the spotlight environmentally with crop issues and drift damage so there is always room to improve.” 

See the full trial report or learn more about the MagrowTec spray system.

 "Yarrawa" Trial  MagrowTec

Conventional sprayer at 100% full rate

MagrowTec sprayer at 100% full rate