Letter from Lew – July 2021

Spray Control Systems for managing input costs

Australian Farmers spent a staggering $2.7B on crop protection inputs in 2019 alone. And because crop protection costs can be greater than fuel expenses, for some farmers, it’s understandable that there’s a lot of interest in managing the impact of crop protection costs on the overall profitability of farming operations.

Vantage have several technologies available that can help optimise the spraying process, through a combination of reducing costs, boosting productivity or by improving the efficacy of the input.

These technologies include:

  • Trimble’s WeedSeeker 2 – spot-spraying system
  • MagGrow – boosts the efficacy of the application by optimising droplet size
  • Trimble’s Field-IQ Control System – providing automatic section control to eliminate overapplication

Trimble’s WeedSeeker 2

Trimble’s most effective weed control solution, the WeedSeeker2® spot-spray system senses if a weed is present and signals a spray nozzle to precisely administer an exact amount of chemical on the weed alone. This system proves most effective in areas where weeds occur intermittently.

The GRDC has estimated that weed management is estimated to cost grain growers $3.3 billion every year, which equates to $146 per hectare in control costs and lost revenue. WeedSeeker 2 provides an opportunity to significantly reduce these costs.

Benefits include:

  • A reduction in chemical costs and usage by applying precisely and in low amounts
  • A reduction in the environmental impact, time spent and labour of field activities
  • The ability to work both day and night at speeds up to 16 km/hr

To learn more, visit our website or contact your local Vantage rep.


MagGrow is a patented, proprietary technology that significantly reduces the waste associated with conventional pesticide applications, delivering important plant protection products where they matter the most, by optimising the droplet size.

Easy to install, operate and maintain due to no moving parts, MagGrow can also operate in higher wind conditions than most conventional spraying applications due to reduced drift.

Benefits include:

  • Improved efficacy – better plant coverage
  • Reduced drift
  • Reduced water rates, which in turn means less tank refills
  • Reduced inputs (Chemical Savings)
  • Reduced frequency of spray, due to better coverage

To learn more, visit our website or contact your local Vantage rep.

Trimble’s Field-IQ Control System

The Trimble Field-IQ™ crop input control system enables productive and efficient functionality for your planting and nutrient and pest management operations.

Among its many capabilities, the Field IQ Control Systems offers “Section Control”, which works by turning off sections of the boom, or even individual nozzles, when it reaches a boundary, or a part of the field that has already been sprayed. This is excellent for eliminating over-application, due to overlaps between passes, managing headlands and irregular field shapes.

Research by Ohio State University in the US has shown that farmers have excess application rates in the 12-17% range. By using Section Control and GPS guidance, this rate drops dramatically.

Additionally, the Field IQ Control System contains “Rate Control” capabilities that allow the operator to easily adjust the application rates either manually or fully automatically in a Variable Rate Application (VRA).

Benefits from using Trimble’s Field IQ Control System include:

  • Reduced chemical costs
  • Reduced crop impact from overspray
  • Better environmental outcomes by reducing overspray in waterways and headlands
  • Optimised rate control – applying the amount the crop requires

To learn more about Trimble’s Field IQ Control Systems, check out this informative video

Vantage are committed to not only reducing the impact chemical spraying has on the environment but also how much money growers lose each year through inefficient spraying processes.

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