Improve your fields and grazing pastures with custom solutions.

From rejuvenating pasture land with cutter bar and blade ploughing, installing contour banks or ponded pastures, accurately marking fence lines in your fields and understanding your sugarcane's yield variability, Vantage BMS provide a range of solutions to maximise your productivity.

Rejuvenate Pastures & Control Regrowth

  • Reduce fuel usage 
  • Decrease overlap 
  • Reduce machinery wear & tear

By automatically controlling the steering of your dozer, Vantage BMS' custom solutions accurately guide your cutter bar, blade plough or deep ripper to control regrowth, seed, or rejuvenate your pastures efficiently.

See our custom cutter barring & blade ploughing steering solutions.

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Contour Banks & Ponded Pastures

Simplify workflows with Trimble’s water management solutions, installed directly on your dozers or graders.

We provide custom surveys and designs for contour banks and ponded pastures to match your requirements. Our complete end-to-end solutions accurately design and build your dam walls and contour banks to effectively manage water retention or drainage. 

Learn more about our precision ag solutions for contour banks and ponded pastures. 

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Fence Line Marking

Vantage BMS’ custom fence line marking system eliminates the inefficiencies of traditional fencing processes, combining an array of precision technology for ATV or side-by-side vehicles; including a:

  • Spot spray tank
  • Trimble guidance and steering system
  • GFX display
  • CenterPoint RTX

The system steers your vehicle from start to finish with 2.5cm accuracy, using GPS to simultaneously trigger the solenoid to spray a line of paint when the vehicle travels the set distance between your fence posts, enabling precise, straight and efficient fence construction. The system can also be used prior to clearing the fence line to ensure a straight clearing and minimise work.

Learn more about our custom fence line marking system. 

Storch Fencing AL & LM McMaster Fencing

Sugarcane Yield Monitoring 

Vantage BMS developed a custom Sugarcane Yield Monitoring system enabling farmers to understand their yield variability. 

Syncing with Trimble's Farmer Pro software, the custom sugarcane yield monitoring system delivers profitable and streamlined cane farm management. The system:

  • Displays real-time yield
  • Generates profit maps
  • Stores field records

Learn more about Vantage's custom Sugarcane Yield Monitoring system 

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Download The Beginner's Guide to Landforming!

Vantage BMS provides complete end-to-end landforming solutions to:

  • Simplify operations
  • Boost productivity
  • Increase ROI

Download our Beginner's Guide to Landforming to understand what landforming is and why you need it!

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At Vantage BMS, our goal is always to provide farmers with the latest and greatest in precision technology to minimise costs and boost efficiency.

Learn more about our custom precision ag solutions for graziers.

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