Customer Story - January 2023

Custom GPS Fence Line Marking System for Accurate & Straight Fencing Services

Angus McMaster of AL & LM McMaster has increased accuracy and efficiencies in his contract fencing company with Vantage BMS’ Custom GPS Fence Line Marking System.

Commencing his contract fencing and yard business in 2015, Angus McMaster and the AL & LM McMaster team provide fencing and yard build solutions across Southern Queensland.

With a team of highly skilled workers, the Bungunya based operation services small to large-scale projects, with some of their completed jobs individually spanning lengths over 100km.

Delivering fencing services that are highly accurate, straight and of excellent quality is important to Angus.

“We have a team of highly skilled contractors and use the latest technology equipment and practices to make sure we deliver an accurate and quality job, every time,” says Angus.

With years in the business, Angus recognises the importance of utilising innovative technology to improve efficiency and accuracy.

In 2019, after learning of the benefits and time efficiencies that other fencing contractors were experiencing using an automated custom fencing solution from Vantage BMS, Angus decided to contact the Vantage BMS Toowoomba team.

After a comprehensive discussion to understand AL & LM McMaster’s requirements, Angus adopted Vantage BMS’s custom GPS Fence Line Marking System; implementing it on his Polaris.

“Vantage BMS had a few units already operational across Australia that had already proven to provide great results in the fencing industry,” says Angus. “So they knew exactly how to set them up which was a great reassurance when investing in the system.”

The Fence Line Marking System eliminates the inefficiencies of traditional fencing processes by combining state-of-the-art Trimble Agriculture solutions and systems to accurately map and mark fence post positions.

Since adopting this fencing system in 2019, AL & LM McMaster have been able to complete fencing and yard-building jobs more precisely and efficiently.

“By removing the need for manually marking out fence lines, we can put more fence posts in the ground in a day than we ever have before,” says Angus.

“The system steers the Polaris from start to finish, spraying each post point along the line we need to follow. It’s great!” Continues Angus.

Combining an array of precision ag technology solutions, the custom system steers the buggy from start to finish with unmatched accuracy while state-of-the-art GPS technology simultaneously triggers the solenoid to spray a line of paint when the vehicle travels a set distance between fence posts. This ensures precise, straight and efficient fence construction.

The state-of-the-art fencing solution boasts some of the best precision ag technology, from ag-tech giant, Trimble, including Trimble’s TMX-2050 display combined with Trimble’s most accurate corrections solution, CenterPoint RTX, which enables accuracy within 2.5cm. 

Trimble’s AutoPilot™ Motor Drive is used to steer the buggy along the desired fence line and a remote output triggered spray marker on the rear of the buggy marks the fence post positions as it runs down the line.

“The system is fantastic,” says Angus. “Rather than using our eyesight to mark out our fencing posts, we can quickly establish where the fence posts need to be positioned with unmatched accuracy.”

John Dale of the Vantage BMS Toowoomba office has worked closely with Angus McMaster and the wider AL & LM McMaster team since the beginning.

“We’ve been working with Angus since 2019,” says John. “Angus had come to us after learning what other fencing contractors were achieving with our Fence Line Marking System.”

“With Angus’ enthusiasm for being at the forefront of technology and innovative solutions, we put the system on his Polaris, and he hasn’t looked back.”

“The system can also be used in a dozer to guide the machine in a straight path, clearing the land for the fence line before marking it out in the buggy,” says John. “Whilst Angus and the AL & LM McMaster team haven’t used the technology in this case, the possibilities of precision ag technologies are near endless.”  Learn More

John continues, “seeing how much the technology has positively influenced AL & LM McMaster operations and decreased inefficiencies of traditional fencing processes has been great. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Angus and can’t wait to see what happens for the team next.”

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