Customer Story - November 2022

Precision Ag Custom Cutter Barring Solutions on Grazing Land

With regrowth control an ongoing struggle for Australian pastoralists, we took the time to speak with Comiskey Transport and Earthmoving on how they use our custom cutter barring solutions to rejuvenate grazing land and control regrowth by clearing unwanted shrubs and deep roots. 

Based in Alpha, Queensland, Comiskey Transport and Earthmoving is a contract earthmoving company specialising in grazing land development and regrowth control. 

Comiskey’s fleet includes a range of Caterpillar D10R and D10T dozers with cutter bars.

Jason Comiskey has been involved in the earth-moving industry for over 20 years, with 15 years in partnership with his father, Matt Comiskey. 

“My father is a joint partner in the business and he's been in the game for 50 years. So while I’ve officially been working in the industry for over 20 years, I’ve grown up around earthworks most of my life,” says Jason. 

With a combined 70 years of experience in the industry, Jason and Matt are constantly looking for ways to increase efficiencies and decrease input costs. 

According to Jason, “I started researching GPS guidance systems a few years ago and discussed the Trimble products with friends in the farming industry who’ve used the products for a long time.   

“From our research and a recommendation from our company’s mechanic to use the systems as a cost-saving tool, we decided to adopt the Trimble’s guidance and steering systems on two of our D10Rs,” Jason continues. 

In early 2022, the Comiskeys partnered with our Ayr office to implement Vantage BMS’ Custom Cutter Barring solutions, fitting the Trimble guidance and steering systems on two D10Rs.

Building on Trimble’s world-class steering and guidance solutions designed for tractors, Vantage BMS custom fits the Trimble system to suit the requirements of a range of small and large dozers. Utilising Trimble CenterPoint RTX, Trimble’s most accurate satellite delivered GNSS correction solution, Comiskey Transport and Earthmoving can control the steering of their dozers to an accuracy of within 2cm.

“Since installing Trimble’s guidance and steering systems on our machines, we’ve seen a definite increase in our productivity,” says Jason. 

“The systems have helped reduce our overlap when cutter barring, which has decreased the amount of fuel we use. By removing inefficiencies and double-ups and increasing our fuel savings, we’ve created a more affordable situation for our end users and producers.” 

Comiskey Transport and Earthmoving is now adopting Trimble’s steering and guidance and Vantage BMS’ cutter barring system on a third machine, after being highly impressed with their initial results. 

Michael Munro, Agriculture General Manager of Vantage BMS, says, “as a contract earthmoving company, Comiskey’s were looking to help rejuvenate their customer’s grazing land, control regrowth and deep rip their fields.

“The custom cutter barring solutions we offer has helped to eliminate inefficiencies for the team and has increased their productivity, benefiting their team and their end users alike.” Michael continues. 

Vantage BMS’ solution has already demonstrated a cost saving for the Comiskeys. Plus, the system has had a positive impact on Comiskey Transport and Earthmoving’s staff. 

“It’s difficult to do our job in low light,” says Jason. “With big grass covering the fields, it’s hard to see our lines. The guidance and steering systems have helped a lot with that. 

“The system has created a better operating environment for our drivers. They’re less fatigued and stressed, and all around more comfortable in the machine. This is key for us, our lines are more accurate and there’s less over and underlap, which saves time for our team and customers,” explains Jason. 

“We’ve had an excellent experience with Vantage BMS and developed a really good relationship with the Ayr office. If there’s ever an issue, they come out to where we are and rectify or service the equipment when needed. They’ve been a great team to work with,” says Jason. 

Comiskey Transport and Earthmoving is looking forward to continuing its relationship with Vantage BMS. 

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