Customer Story - August 2022

MagrowTec Shows Initial Improvement On Spray Coverage Performance At Bermuda Farms

With the cost of herbicides and pesticides on the rise, efficiently managing input costs and utilising the right precision ag technology for your farming operation is vital.

So, what if there was a spray system that significantly increased spray coverage and reduced drift by up to 70%? Introducing MagrowTec!

MagrowTec spraying systems increase yield productivity and spraying coverage while reducing water usage and chemical inputs.

With proven results on farms across the United States, MagrowTec has recently begun making waves across Australia, with many farmers beginning to reap the benefits of this revolutionary technology.

Syd Parsons of Bermuda Farms is one farmer who has already seen the early improvement of MagrowTec on his broadacre grain farm out of Narembeen in the Wheatbelt region of Western Australia.

Syd has been working in the cropping industry since 1976 and has vast experience in cropping operations and broadacre situations. Through connections in the agriculture industry, he heard about the magnetic spray assist technology and wanted to test the spray coverage performance of the MagrowTec system against conventional spraying systems.

“We [Bermuda Farms] wanted to see how the MagrowTec spraying system would perform against our conventional spraying system,” says Syd.

“We have lots of experience with broadacre situations and spraying around 40L/Ha, whereas, a lot of other farmers are using 80L/Ha, but we wanted to see if we could get fewer droplets on the ground and more coverage on our crops.”

Bermuda Farms worked with the Vantage WA team to install the MagrowTec system on one of his machines to conduct an initial Water Sensitive Paper (WSP) methodology study. The WSP is specially coated to stain dark blue when touched by spray drift, demonstrating spray coverage, drift and drop density.

The initial study produced data relating to the spray-coverage performance at various speeds and application rates between a MagrowTec system versus a conventional system.

Early testing on Bermuda Farms in WA has shown early improvement in spray coverage performance when trialling at high-speed. 

Initial results have so far proven a 15% improvement in coverage at high speeds for broadacre grain spraying application.


While there are more tests to conduct at Bermuda Farms, early indications are showing an improvement in spray coverage and a reduction in drift and runoff. The teams from Bermuda Farms and Vantage WA are looking forward to seeing more improvements from the MagrowTec systems when testing at other speeds.

With no moving parts on the system, MagrowTec is easy to install, operate and maintain. The system increases spray coverage, reduces drift, and enables farmers to save on input costs such as herbicides, pesticides, and water.

Vantage WA is encouraging other farmers across Western Australia looking to increase spray productivity and profitability to use the MagrowTec online savings calculator to find if the magnetic spray assist technology is an ideal solution for them.

So, is it time you switched?

To learn more about MagrowTec spraying systems, reach out to our team on 1300 TRIMBLE to speak to your local expert.

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