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Maximising Farm Efficacy

Maximise your efficiency this season with Precision Ag Equipment and Solutions from Trimble.

For over 40 years, Trimble has created state-of-the-art technology and solutions to help farmers grow their business.

Trimble is transforming the way the world works by delivering products and services that connect the physical and digital worlds. With the help of Trimble Authorised Dealers, such as Vantage BMS, Trimble’s core technologies in positioning, modelling, connectivity, and data analytics enable farmers to improve productivity, quality, safety, and sustainability.

CenterPoint RTX

CenterPoint RTX, Trimble’s best performing GNSS correction service, ensures high accuracy, better uptime, and reliable service to allow farmers to work anywhere.

Further, with real-time, centimetre-level positions worldwide, CenterPoint RTX creates input savings by decreasing pass-to-pass overlap.

With high-accuracy GNSS corrections via satellite, CenterPoint RTX does not require a local base station or VRS network to operate. This allows farmers to achieve reliable operation with satellite delivered corrections, free from the limitations of spotty cellular coverage or moving a local base station from point to point.

CenterPoint RTX is the best GNSS correction solution for even the most precise jobs, providing farmers the freedom to work anywhere without interruptions. It is the ideal solution for those working on planting, seeding, spraying, spreading, and harvest.

The recent Trimble RTX beam upgrade provided CenterPoint RTX users with an improved service. CenterPoint RTX users can now benefit from a faster convergence time — greater customer value at no additional cost.

Further, CenterPoint RTX now has improved benefits with Trimble’s newest, next-generation GNSS engine, ProPoint. Using ProPoint and RTX, you can maximise every minute you work. With 75% faster convergence speed, you can get to work faster and, if your signal ever drops out, reconvergence time is all but eliminated.

ProPoint's improved reliability in harsh GNSS environments, such as near trees and buildings, means you can maximise the benefits of your land and guidance system. With a 40% increase in guidance availability under tree canopies and up to 20% more smoothness when using Trimble RTX, you can benefit from the best high-accuracy solution in the world.

Upgrading to CenterPoint RTX

For farmers currently using Trimble’s RangePoint RTX, we highly recommend you upgrade to ProPoint and CenterPoint RTX to benefit from higher accuracy, improved efficiencies, and lower input costs.

For comparison, with ProPoint and CenterPoint RTX you can easily achieve 2.5cm accuracy, while RangePoint RTX offers a less impressive 50cm repeatable accuracy.

Ben’s Story

WA farmer, Ben Beech, is highly satisfied with his recent switch from RangePoint RTX to CenterPoint RTX.

Ben’s farm, Chillakerup Farms, consists of approximately 10,000-15,000 acres. His farm operates both sheep and crops, varying from canola, wheat, barley, beans, oats, and more. As Ben manages his farming via a controlled traffic system, an accurate and reliable GNSS correction solution is essential to his crop yield and soil quality.

After operating using RangePoint RTX for 7 years and often experiencing convergence dropouts, particularly near trees, Ben contacted Vantage, his local Trimble Authorised Dealers, to help upgrade his system.

After moving to CenterPoint RTX, Ben and his team can now experience 2.5cm accuracy, even while working in difficult conditions, such as under trees.

“I’ve looked in the past at changing gear over to other brands but using Trimble has made things easy for everyone to use. There’s no way we’re moving away from them now,” says Ben.

As your local, authorised Trimble dealer, Vantage is ready to work with local farmers to help them improve efficacy and profit via precision technology such as auto guidance and steering, GNSS correction services, and much more.

“I’ve had a great relationship with them [Vantage] for a fair few years now,” claims Ben. “They always pick up the phone when we call.”

Accredited with Trimble’s highest level of technical expertise, Vantage’s knowledge of local cropping and experience work together with Trimble's innovative products, software, and services to increase customer productivity and maximum return on investment.

No matter what type of application used or crop type, Vantage can find the right Trimble GNSS correction services solution for any farming requirements.

Summer Harvest Deals

Vantage is offering special pricing for CenterPoint RTX as part of our Summer Harvest Deals, just in time for the busy harvest season. For a limited time*, farmers can save thousands on Trimble CenterPoint RTX solutions.

To learn more about Vantage’s special prices on Trimble GNSS Correction and Positioning, call 1300 TRIMBLE or click below.

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*Offer ends December 31st 2021