Letter From Lew - September 2022

A Solution For Every Farmer

You know Vantage has a complete range of technologies for cropping, but did you know that we supply a range of solutions for graziers as well? This month, we explore how precision ag technologies can be used by graziers.

At Vantage BMS, we pride ourselves on finding a precision ag solution for every farmer, both broadacre and livestock. From clearing pasture land, building dams and accurately marking out fences for your fields, we offer a range of precision ag technologies to simplify your workflows and improve your productivity.

Explore our range of custom applications for graziers.

Cutter Barring & Blade Ploughing

By enhancing Trimble’s world-class steering and guidance solutions, we offer custom cutter barring and blade ploughing solutions to rejuvenate your grazing land, control regrowth, or simply to deep rip your fields. 

Our specialist team ensures your operation is set up to suit the requirements of your pasture and machine. We fit Trimble steering and guidance solutions for a range of dozers, large or small. Utilising Trimble CenterPoint RTX, Trimble’s most accurate GNSS correction solution, allows us to control the steering of these dozers to within 2cm. 

This month, we visited Matt, and Jason Comiskey of Comiskey Transport and Earthmoving at “Port Wine” in Alpha, Queensland. The team worked with the Vantage BMS’ Emerald team for their steering systems on two D10Rs undertaking cutter barring. 

Since installing the system, the team at Comiskey Transport and Earthmoving have seen a decrease in fuel usage and a reduction in machinery wear and tear. The team has also seen a decrease in pass-to-pass overlap and eliminated underlap, resulting in fewer suckers serving the blade ploughing or cutter barring.

Contour Banks or Ponded Pasture

Whether installing contour banks or ponded pasture banks, the Trimble Water Management solutions can be installed on dozers or graders to simplify this workflow. The Vantage BMS team has the capability and know-how to adapt these systems to meet your application and machine. 

Unsure of the design? Don’t worry, the Vantage BMS team can assist with the survey and design. During the design process, our team will work with you to ensure your design fits your requirements. 
For the longevity of your dams, accuracy is essential. The complete end-to-end system we offer accurately maps the heights of your dam walls and contour banks to optimise drainage and the water flow outlet for when it rains.

Fence Line Marking

Seeing the inefficiencies in traditional fencing processes, Vantage BMS developed a custom fence line marking system. The system combines a spot spray tank with Trimble's guidance and steering systems and a GFX display screen with CenterPoint RTX positioning services for an ATV or side-by-side vehicle.

The system accurately steers your vehicle from start to finish, using GPS to simultaneously trigger the solenoid, to spray a line of paint when the vehicle travels the set distance between your fence posts. The 2.5cm accuracy of the Trimble CenterPoint RTX allows for precise and straight fence constructions, with a huge time-saving. Also, use the system prior to clearing the fence line to ensure a straight clearing that minimises the work.

See how Storch Fencing utilised this application in their contracting business. Storch Contracting

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