Letter From Lew - November 2022

This month, I explore how farmers can use the Spectra Precision Lasers for a range of on-farm applications.

A key element of our business long before the introduction of GPS for farming applications was our long-standing partnership with Spectra Precision and the Lasers they supplied for agricultural and construction applications. While GPS has all but replaced the lasers for Land Levelling applications there are still many uses for lasers.

In this month’s Letter From Lew, I explore our 40-year partnership with Spectra Precision Lasers and how these robust lasers became an integral part of our business, not only for construction but also for on-farm applications.

Back in 1979, my late business partner, Kevin “Mussy” Muspratt, and I commenced business after identifying an opportunity for land levelling technology in the Australian agricultural industry. We began our partnership with Spectra-Physics Laserplane (Spectra), a pioneer of lasers and machine controls technologies, becoming a distributor for them.

Over that time, Spectra Precision became the world leader in providing lasers and machine control solutions into a variety of applications including agriculture, building construction, civil construction.

Earlier this year, Trimble sold their Spectra Lasers business to Precisional LLC who continue to build and support the Spectra Precision Lasers brand. A key element of Spectra’s brand story is to supply ‘tools, not toys’; providing robust, rugged, and accurate lasers that can survive in the harsh environment of a farm or construction site.

We’ve now been a Spectra Precision Lasers distributor for more than 40 years and we’re proud to continue our long-standing partnership. 

Spectra Precision Laser Level

In 1981, Spectra introduced the EL1 Electronic Level, the first electronic rotating laser. This laser level essentially replaced the Auto level with a one person solution, opening up opportunities for farm and construction applications. The laser level is still used today, under a more recognisable name: the LL500 Laser Level.
Built to withstand tough environmental conditions, the LL500 Laser Level’s robust qualities make it ideal for on-farm construction applications, including:

  • Checking/setting elevations
  • Dam construction
  • Landscape remediation
  • Concrete forms and shed footings
  • Excavating
  • Digging septic tanks
  • Construction foundations

Spectra Precision Grade Lasers

For applications requiring a slope, we recommend the Spectra Precision Grade Lasers. These lasers are all self-levelling and are available in single grade or dual grade models to fit your application.
For farmers looking to do work on-farm construction accurately and efficiently, the Spectra Precision Grade Lasers are ideal for:

  • Trenching
  • Irrigation channels
  • Contour banks
  • Road construction
  • Machine control
  • Levelling concrete forms and footers
  • Flood irrigation applications

Spectra Precision Optical Instruments

For applications where you require an optical instrument for levelling or aligning, we supply the full range of Spectra Precision Optical Instruments. Designed to withstand the roughest sites with their durable, water-resistant exterior packed with varying measurement functions, Spectra Precision Optical Instruments are ideal for:

  • Trenching,
  • Fence lines
  • Setting out cattle yards or buildings

Whether you need a precision laser or optical solution on-site or on-farm, contact us or view our Spectra Precision Lasers portfolio.

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