Letter From Lew - June 2022

Has improper field drainage resulted in ponding affecting your seeding or planting season? 

The impact of rain on Australian agriculture has been a hot topic of discussion amongst farmers recently - one that we have previously contributed to. Since Vantage’s last discussion on the impact of improper water management, we’ve heard stories of growers forced to reseed and replant due to excess rain and poor drainage. With this in mind, I’d like to revisit the topic of water management.

We all know input costs are on the rise, including chemicals, fertiliser and, of course, fuel. But one rising expense we haven’t yet touched upon is the cost of seeding/planting. 

Having to reseed can make a hit to profits at the best of times, but when input costs are this high, it’s important to ensure you only have to plant once. 

That’s why it’s important to invest in precision water management solutions to ensure your land’s drainage is optimised to minimise ponding and its effects. 

At Vantage, we have over 40 years of water management experience and offer the industry’s leading end-to-end landforming solutions. Our first step is to accurately map your existing field topography. We then work with you to redesign this into a proposed surface map based on your requirements. The design is then loaded onto your grading equipment, automatically controlling the hydraulic valves to ensure the highest level of accuracy and saving you up to 80% on earthworks costs when compared to conventional landforming. 

Our landforming solutions increase productivity and simplify overall operations,
resulting in significant savings of time and money.

We recently caught up with one of our long-term customers, Ryan Johnson of RJ’s Earthworks, Gatton, QLD, who has been utilising Vantage’s earthworks solutions for his agricultural landforming and laser levelling business for 10 years.

Ryan works closely with our Brisbane office to create landforming designs for his clients and has a range of Spectra lasers, Trimble GPS base stations, and Trimble auto steering and guidance systems on his fleet that simplify his operations. 

 “For us, using these systems takes out room for user error and makes the job a lot faster - which, in the end, saves us money,” claims Ryan. 

If you’d like to learn more about how RJ’s Earthworks uses precision equipment for agricultural landforming, read the full story below, or download our Beginnner’s Guide To Landforming to understand Vantage BMS water management process.

RJ's Earthworks  Download Guide

RJ’s Earthworks landforming at Lockrose, QLD

RJ’s Earthworks landforming at Lockrose, QLD