Letter From Lew - January 2024


Spectra Precision Lasers has been an integral part of our business for over 40 years. 

Its robust laser range, including laser levels, grade lasers, pipe lasers, and optical instruments, suits an array of on-farm and construction applications. 

Recently, Spectra has expanded its portfolio with the DG211 Pipe Laser and the GL1425C Dual Grade Laser.

In this Letter From Lew, let’s take a look at Spectra Precisions’ new products.



The Spectra DG211 Pipe Laser

The DG211 is a compact, automatic self-levelling pipe laser used for installing gravity-flow sanitary pipe. 

Compact enough to fit in 100mm (4”) pipe and with a grade range of -20% to +30%, the DG211 can handle a wide variety of site requirements. 

It also boasts:

  • 150m working range
  • 1.5mm level accuracy at 30m
  • Long-life battery (up to 36 working hours)
  • Built-in roll alert 
  • Remote control (when partnered with RC201)

When space is tight, embrace gravity with the DG211.

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The Spectra GL1425C Dual-Grade Laser

The automatic self-levelling GL1425C dual-grade laser is Spectra’s most rugged, cost-effective laser that does three jobs: level, grade, and vertical alignment. 

Even in harsh job site conditions, the GL1425C delivers consistently reliable and accurate performance, enabling you to work faster (up to 900 rpm) and features:

  • Automatic self-levelling (horizontal & vertical)
  • 1.5m level accuracy at 30m
  • Working range of 800m diameter
  • 3 RPM speeds
  • Grade Range ±15%

Built for real professionals, the Spectra Precision grade lasers are the most advanced grade laser levellers on the market.

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Leading Lasers since 1979

As Australia’s trusted Spectra Precision Lasers dealer for over 40 years, BMS LaserSat can find your perfect precision solution for building preparation and construction.

We pride ourselves on our ongoing service, providing training, support, repairs and calibration to ensure our laser solutions run and stay running.

Software updates, package upgrades and repair services? Just some of the ways we go above and beyond.

See our full range of Spectra Precision products.

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Spectra DG211 Pipe Laser

Spectra GL1425C Dual-Grade Laser