Letter From Lew - April 2023

The importance of partnering with an specialist precision agriculture distributor.

In this month’s Letter From Lew, I thought I’d go back to basics and outline why we are a ‘Vantage’ Trimble Authorised Dealer, what that means for you, and why it matters more than ever in an ever-growing precision market. 

What is ‘Vantage’

Trimble Agriculture supplies a wide range of precision farming solutions to boost your productivity and profitability, from land preparation, planting and seeding, crop protection and spraying through to harvest.

Trimble’s Vantage dealers are the premium global distribution network that was established to be the farmer’s ‘Partner in Precision Agriculture’; building a ‘precision agriculture centre of excellence’. 

When Trimble first introduced the Vantage Dealer concept, a core tenet was to create a distribution network that provides on-the-ground, application-specific solutions that integrate hardware, software, and specialty services. To be the single source of precision ag expertise. 

By having local dealers across the globe, farmers can access deep local market knowledge and support backed by genuine experience. 

When you deal with a Vantage dealer, you can trust you’re getting support from a local distributor who understands your unique farming challenges, applications, and opportunities. 

Why Vantage BMS?

As a Vantage dealer, Vantage BMS is committed to integrating and supporting a complete, end-to-end solution of hardware, software, positioning services and data for each farming operation’s unique needs. This focus on end-to-end solutions has always been and continues to be the core of our business. 

In additional to the Trimble hardware and software solutions, at Vantage BMS, we also offer an array of high-quality specialty services, including: 

  • Field Surveys / Mapping
  • UAV Imagery
  • Landform Design
  • Yield Monitor Processing
  • Prescription Generation
  • Soil Information System (SIS)

Our goal to provide these services has remained the same since our beginning in 1979: to be a grower’s ‘one-stop-shop’ for integrating precision ag and agronomic data across the entire farm. We can provide the information to farmers, contractors, and their agronomists, so decisions can be made with the combined knowledge of their farms. 

Another key part of this holistic approach to precision farming is our ability to service mixed fleets. 

From John Deere to Case IH, Trimble products are ‘manufacturer agnostic’ across all brands, enabling us to provide a singular farming solution across all your fleet with a uniform look and feel—no relearning required as you move from one machine to another. 

Trimble’s brand-agnostic approach enables farmers to choose the best machinery for their application regardless of brand and still have precision ag integration across the fleet. Plus, if your equipment provider changes their software and products, you won’t be stuck with a fleet that doesn’t ‘talk’ to each other. 

With Trimble Agriculture, growers and contractors can have freedom of choice, independence, and consistency across their fleet. So no matter where you're based, what you farm, and how you run your operation, you can maximise your precision. 

When you partner with a Vantage dealer, you can trust that your local rep has experience across the spectrum of equipment brands and will assist you to choose the right-fit Trimble solution for your fleet. 

To Recap...

As part of Trimble’s Vantage Dealer Network, Vantage BMS provides customers with innovative solutions and the highest level of Trimble-accredited technical expertise. We aim to be the single, local provider for all your precision agriculture requirements.

We work with our customers on-the-ground to identify their challenges so we can provide the best solution that delivers real results. 

Our ability to provide complete end-to-end solutions not only increases productivity but simplifies overall operations, while ensuring you maintain your freedom of choice in an ever-changing market. 

So, if you’re interested in benefitting from:

  • Local knowledge
  • Integrated ag hardware, data, software & precision ag services
  • On-the-ground experience
  • Freedom of choice
  • End-to-end, right-fit solutions
  • Consistency across your farm

It might be time to make Vantage BMS your partner in precision ag.

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