Improve your accuracy with precision technology by Trimble and Spectra  

Establish a consistent process from the planning and design stages right through to the site preparation and final construction phase with our selection of Building and Construction equipment, including levelling, positioning and alignment tools. 

From Lasers for portable accuracy to Optical Instruments for fast, easy readings, Spectra Precision® has a tool for every stage of your project by saving time, money and labour. 

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View our extensive range of Building and Construction products below: 

Spectra Precision Lasers

Spectra Precision offers a range of varying laser types and products to increase accuracy on building construction sites. 
Grade Lasers, Interior, Universal and Pipe Lasers are the leading products from Spectra Precision who are the first inventors of the rotating laser. Their innovative products have evolved immensely over time to implement a sturdy design and an easy-to-use system. With its rugged, easy to operate design, Spectra Precision Lasers are available across a range of price points with varying functionalities and sizes.

Some examples of these products include:

Pipe Lasers

With quick setup thanks to its menu driven user interface, Spectra Precision’s Pipe Lasers work faster and more accurately to provide alignment and grade onsite. Double-check your previous day’s work in a fraction of the time using the ultra-fast beam movement and self-levelling features of a Pipe Laser.

Grade Lasers 

Grade Lasers by Spectra Precision are specially designed to automatically self-level to the intended grade elevation. They also compensate for temperature changes throughout the day using built-in Automatic Planelok and Automatic Temperature Compensation features. Grade Lasers take the complicated mathematics out of the equation to produce quick, reliable results time and time again.

Laser Machine Display Receivers 

Rugged in design to take on the most extreme job sites, Spectra Precision’s Laser Machine Display Receivers are machine mounted devices with the same capabilities of a handheld laser receiver. Also available with in-cab mountable wireless displays, allowing safe monitoring from inside the cab itself. 

Spectra Precision Optical Instruments

Ready to tackle all your alignment, levelling, and elevation control tasks, these Optical Instruments are designed to withstand the roughest construction sites with their durable, water-resistant exterior packed with varying measurement functions. Improve the accuracy and completion time of your next project with the addition of Optical Instruments from Spectra Precision.

Spectra Precision Portable Laser Tools

For the latest automatic self-levelling multi-purpose line laser tools and laser distance meters, look no further than Spectra Precision. Their extensive range of Laser Tools are easy to operate, are made of durable materials and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Whether you’re after a hand-held device or a more comprehensive kit, BMS LaserSat can pair you with the right solution for your worksite’s needs. 

Seco Accessories

From Tripods and Staves to level vials, Seco accessories are cleverly designed and durably manufactured for the toughest of work sites. Ensure your products have high quality Seco accessories to support them. 

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