The Evolution of Water Management Solutions

For over forty years, irrigation farmers and the agricultural contractors that service the irrigation industry have been realising the enormous benefits delivered by Trimble Total Levelling Solutions.

It started with simple laser-based systems using very basic designs. With the introduction of computer technology, the design process was enhanced, producing more complex designs while reducing the volume of soil shifted substantially and, therefore, the cost of levelling.

These more sophisticated designs allowed the designer to control the depth of cut and fill, as well as the locations of cuts and fills based around soil types and other farming factors. The development and implementation of 3D GPS-based levelling solutions accelerated both the complexity and quality of the designs, allowing irrigation farmers and contractors to produce results only previously imagined. 

The evolution of both the design technology and the levelling solutions has opened up areas of agriculture, which can profit from this technology, other than irrigation. Dryland and broad acre farmers can benefit extensively from improved surface drainage. Previously the costs of levelling for this application were prohibitive but the development of the Water Management Solutions outlined above enables substantial improvements in surface drainage at a very moderate cost. The end result for farmers utilising this solution is substantial yield increases from minimising yield losses in melon hole country and other areas of poor drainage, as well as maximising the benefit of every rainfall event. And so the return on investment is extremely compelling. 

There are multiple other custom Water Management applications available throughout Trimble’s portfolio.

If you would like more information on this or any other Water Management-related subject, call Vantage BMS and speak to one of our Water Management Specialists. Vantage BMS have over forty years experience in providing Water Management solutions across Australia with guaranteed quality results and a great user experience.

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