The Benefits of Auto Steering & Guidance and Field Levelling Technology

Steve Kluck operates Limit Farms who specialise in small crop farming in South-East Queensland with a team of 6-8 full-time employees and up to 30 contractors a day during harvest season.

As a 3rd generation farmer, it’s essential for Steve to make smarter decisions for his farm that minimise resources and make everyday tasks more efficient.

"By using controlled traffic Auto Steering, we have been able to minimise passover between machinery and reduce fuel consumption, therefore spending less time on the machinery.

The Auto-Steering technology is also a handy learning tool for our less experienced operators. Its streamlined processes and intuitive design allow them to perform at the same level as other, more experienced, operators."

Steve also uses Trimble’s drainage solutions and has seen a reduction in wet areas around vegetation, which has increased yields. By pairing this with Vantage’s Survey & Design services, Steve has been able to ensure consistency in his crop and make better decisions around drainage with local support and advice.

"The greatest benefits of working with Vantage reps are their complete end-to-end solutions. They not only provide quality products but also fit the equipment and provide tech support, when needed.”

With multiple farms across the region, it’s no surprise Steve uses a variety of different machines spanning a range of different brands. Trimble’s brand agnostic capabilities are a huge benefit for Limit Farms, offering flexibility and peace of mind when choosing new machines.

"Trimble are the best at what they do and, at the time, were the only business offering brand agnostic gear - it was a natural fit for us."

Steve has been using Trimble products and services for almost 15 years and agrees that their quality, brand agnostic equipment, paired with Vantage local knowledge, contribute largely to the farm’s success.

"Vantage are incredibly helpful, relatable, friendly people who are happy to make things work by thinking outside the box to find the best solutions. They maintain a regular line of communication and, depending on our current workload, we can talk anywhere between every day to every few weeks."

To learn more about Trimble’s product offering and Vantage services, call 1300 TRIMBLE to be connected with your local representative or contact us here.

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