Letter From Lew - November 2020

A common question our reps receive is “how does this product work specifically with my crop?” 

The answer is simple - Trimble products and Vantage services are designed to support a whole range of crop types simultaneously, from Sorghum and Sugar Cane to small crops and Wheat.

Trimble pride themselves on providing flexible, easy-to-use products that everyone can master. The convenience of using Trimble gear on a small crop farm then going to a Sugar Cane field and still working with the same gear ensures customers can minimise disruptions and errors often caused by swapping between different forms of technology.

Vantage solutions are designed the same versatile way. One application can be applied to various farm types to improve productivity and increase efficiency. While each farm type has their individual differences, at the core, many of them face the same issues.

Water management is a crucial aspect of any produce farm to ensure proper water distribution among crops. Regardless of what you’re growing, effective Water Management is essential for maximising water supply, minimise water cost and therefore increasing crop yields.

This month's customer story illustrates this point perfectly. By pairing Trimble’s Field Level II  products with Vantage’s Survey & Design services, Steve from Limit Farms QLD managed to ensure even water distribution for his small crops, resulting in minimised water usage and improved yields.
Read the full story here.

Vantage’s Specialty Services also function to identify bottlenecks in farming processes through a range of means. It’s important to note that many of these bottlenecks can be the same across various crop types.

These include, but are not limited to: 

  • Field Surveys and Mapping: Designed to gather topographical data for landform design, layout future projects, establish GNSS networks and more
  • UAV Imagery: For collecting topographical surveys as well as population, weed and stress maps
  • Soil Information System (SIS): Provides deep knowledge about the condition, nutrition, fertility and drainage of the soil

To learn more about crop agnostic Trimble products, Vantage services or Water Management, give us a call on 1300 TRIMBLE to speak to your local representative.

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