Dalby Office Closure

Beginning January 2023, Vantage BMS/BMS LaserSat will no longer be operating our Dalby storefront. Our Toowoomba Office will continue to service the Dalby & western regions.

For our customers, the decision to close the Dalby storefront will result in minimal change.

Our current Dalby Sales and Support Representative, Damien Abbot, will continue to work as usual, operating from his home office. His contact details remain unchanged. Our Toowoomba Office will also continue to service the Dalby & western regions. 

The change will allow us to supply a more flexible sales and support service, without the need to ensure the shopfront is consistently manned. 

Customers will still have access to parts and new equipment in Dalby, as well as drop-off for laser & GPS repairs. Any parts or products not on hand in Dalby will be delivered from the Toowoomba office, which has an increased parts storage capability to ensure all customers receive parts in a timely manner.

Base Station 

Customers can continue to utilise the Dalby BMS LaserSat Base Station, which will be moved to a suitable new location and re-surveyed into position.

If you have any queries regarding the change, please contact the Toowoomba office.

Unit 1/13 Carrington Road, Toowoomba, QLD, 4350

Call 07 46 341 013


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